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CPM TDM 4v4 Tourney written by pikoh, 2009-11-15 17:58 CET (1 comments)

Date: 28.11.09 - 31.12.09

Game: Quake 3 v1.32
Mod: CPMA 1.47
Gameplay: CPM
Mode: TDM 4v4
Bracket system: Groups (bo3) + Playoff Single Elimination (bo3)
Number of participants: up to infinity :>

Map pool: cpm4a, cpm18r, cpm21, cpm27, ospdm5a
Maps choice: /cv random 2, after this winner of cointoss should decide who pick map for first.

Official channel: #ktga @irc.quakenet.org
GTV: rokket.net:27970 || gtv.cpma.se
Admin: pikoh (ICQ# 773911, pikohru@gmail.com)

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